FreeBSD TCP Reassembly CVE-2018-6922 Denial Of Service Vulnerability

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 12

By Shaun Nichols
The Register
8 Nov 2018

The rash of high-profile IT security breaches, data thefts, and other
hacks that have erupted over the last year or so may push US legislators
to consider laws similar to Europe's privacy-protecting GDPR.

This is according to Representative Will Hurd (R-TX), who told attendees
at the Aspen Cyber Summit in San Francisco today that...

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 12

By Brian Krebs
Krebs on Security
November 7, 2018

KrebsOnSecurity recently had a chance to interview members of the REACT
Task Force, a team of law enforcement officers and prosecutors based in
Santa Clara, Calif. that has been tracking down individuals engaged in
unauthorized "SIM swaps" -- a complex form of mobile phone fraud that is
often used to steal...

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 12

By Catalin Cimpanu
Zero Day
ZDNet News
November 8, 2018

On Monday, the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF), a subordinate unit of
US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), set in motion a new initiative through
which the DOD would share malware samples it discovered on its networks
with the broader cybersecurity community.

The CNMF kicked off this new...
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